Sharing the news as it exists in our lives:

Rust is a platform for visual artists and writers to publish work that reflects the experiences of the city. We seek writers and artists with a story to tell and accept an array of media, including, but not limited to: news and feature stories, poetry and prose, personal essays with a unique perspective, op-eds, satire, illustrations, photography, collages, graphic design, printmaking, cartoons and comics, painting, and multimedia/mixed art.

We also welcome all opinions and perspectives as we want to capture Milwaukee and all of its character. These topics could include, but are not limited to: social justice/progress, LGBTQ community, mental health, addiction, abuse, veteran affairs, relationships, politics, religion, education, economy, new initiatives or movements in the city, arts/culture/lifestyle observations, personal stories that demonstrate a larger trend, architecture, scholarly/scientific studies, philosophy, healing, history, etc.