Musician Profile: Rae Cassidy

Rae Cassidy

By Alison Henderson
Illustration by Brian Frey

Milwaukee musician, Rae Cassidy Klagstad, is spanning the musical spectrum. Whether it’s her 14-year-old trip/experimental stage, or her upcoming album, “Rhythm and Rage” that buries deeply emotional lyrics in a hypnotic, head-bobbing trance, Cassidy makes you feel, and she makes you move.

Cassidy is serene and relatable, yet surprisingly rock ‘n’ roll –  an adorable little siren with a dark mind and a dirty mouth.

From what I can tell, “Rhythm and Rage,” exists in some sort of tragic fantasy where pain and video games terrorize the kingdom. (With song titles like “Boss Key” and “Dark Wars,” Cassidy, a self-described nerd, offers fellow gamers several shoutouts throughout the album.)

Taken by a Train

Dreamt Beneath the Cassidy Tree from Cassidy’s Myspace days.