Delta Routine goes hometown ho-down at Hotel Foster


By Alison Henderson
Photo by Andrea Tritschler

Before you write your Sunday night off as the pajama-garbed deathbed of your weekend, keep in mind The Delta Routine will be revealing their new album to the 414 at their album release show.

This Sunday, February 22, the band will return from a Midwest mini-tour to celebrate the release of “You and Your Lion“ at The Hotel Foster. After 10 years as a band and three preceding records, singer and rhythm guitarist, Nick Amadeus, believes this is their most mature and most succinct album to date.

“We’ve been doing this for a while,” Amadeus said. “I feel with this one, we got everything we wanted. I’m really happy with the fidelity, the lyrics, and the sounds.”

After two years of extensive touring on the open, winding roads, “You and Your Lion” is the road trip soundtrack everyone tries to write as they stare out the window in awe of the passing countryside.

“There’s something about being on the road with your friends and your band. It’s you against the world, taking it on room-by-room,” Amadeus said. “It was good for the creative soul.”

It’s that sentiment that contributes to what Amadeus describes as a “rootsy, Americana feel.” “You and Your Lion” is an upbeat, bluesy, twang laid out on a bed of pop rock.

Accompanied by Americana and bluegrass bands, Camp Sugar and Thistledown Thunders, partygoers can expect Sunday to be a boot stompin’ bash.

“It’s great to make it a party as well as a show. The record’s finally out, we’re in Milwaukee, we’re with our friends,” he said. “Doesn’t get better than that.”