Missed Connections

Illustration by Christina Scheppmann Thomas

Ms. Wunderful??? You said it sounded good on you – m4w (Waukesha)

You joked about being Ms. Wunderful on our date, learning what my last name was, if we had a future, however I don’t know if you were ever serious. I’m not sure what is going on but I hope life is good for you. Our paths have crossed a lot, which seems a little odd but maybe fate? Could you ever give me a second chance? It was fun and real for how short it lasted. I know my old phone doesn’t work but if you read this you can get ahold of me a simple way because I know your smart. Same area code as your, take your next 3 numbers and cut them in half. then the last 4 add 1000. and you will get ahold of me. Take a leap of faith since it seems fate keeps our paths crossing. Or go on faith and build trust, just this one, even if just for my birthday.

Every time I see the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre I am reminded of our first day/evening together.