Rust is a Milwaukee-based print publication that tells the stories of the city through bold visuals and experiential journalism. Rust aims to represent the real Milwaukee and its visionaries as an exhibition of vitality; a partnership and a showcase of the minds that breathe life into our city.

Launched in November of 2013, Rust Magazine was an invigorated response to the dwindling production of printed news. The Rust Mil is a world of pure imagination, where long-form stories and literary journalists never meet the chopping block, where visuals can exist in the pages of a magazine without monetary ties, and where print still holds a place on the coffee tables and book shelves of the engaged community.

Rust is for the nonconformists, the idealists, the fringe. It’s for those who crave knowledge, open dialogue, and a stipped-down, bare-naked reality. We know the streets of our city, and through news, satire, literary writing, and bold visuals, we share the stories that live on those streets because they make us who we are.

Our distributors are Milwaukee landmarks, our partners are community staples. Our contributors include some of the most passionate residents, dedicated workers, and talented creators Milwaukee has to offer. Our audience is not an age, a race, or a socioeconomic percentage. It is anyone who concerns themselves with societal happenings and human interest. Though Rust features Milwaukee-based content, our readership spans the county – from Madison and Chicago to California and Arizona – circling the city we see as an epicenter of vibrancy and diversity.

Contact us:

Alison Henderson,
Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Andrea Tritschler, Managing Editor andreat@rustmil.com

Alice Waxara, Visual Editor

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